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Space Benefits of a Swim Spa

Don’t have room for a pool but still wish to have an outdoor oasis? Today, many homeowners with limited space in their backyard are choosing inground spas, swim spas or hot tubs. These are popular space saving substitutes to swimming pools. Not familiar with a swim spa? Swim spas are also known as hybrids between swimming pools and hot tubs.With a propulsion system equipped in the swim spa, you can easily create water current..

Space savers

Due to space constraints, a standard pool is simply not a choice for some people. When there is a lack of space, swim spas can be a nice secondary option. An average swimming pool is generally about twenty four plus feet long and twelve-plus feet wide. Several spa models serve the purpose of both – a hot tub and a pool. Thus homeowners can enjoy the experience of both.

You can relax and exercise all year round

Like in ground hot tubs, many swim spas also come with additional features for relaxation – economical heaters for example while others have built-in traditional hot tub functions.

If you are short on space and long on relaxation, think about a swim spa to create that summer outdoor oasis.

Categories: Blog | Posted on Aug - 6 - 2013