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Learn which pool type is right for you

Home swimming pools are a private haven which provide complete relaxation and entertainment with family members and friends. A lot of swimming pool options are available in today’s market. Below are some tips to follow which may help you choose the right swimming pool for your needs.

1) Above Ground pools: Above ground pools are less expensive than inground pools. These pools are made of steel, aluminum and/or resin siding. You can move it to new location or even buy / sell it second hand.

2) Inground pools: Inground pools are chosen for their flexibility in design and for their durability. One can build an inground pool in pretty much any space available and with a wide range of design choices. However, complexity in the building of an inground pool can delay a pool building project or cause a budget to be blown.

3) Vinyl-Lined Pools: these pools are the best option for those people who live in cold climates. Structurally these pools are similar to inground pools. However this type of pool is not as durable and you will have to replace the pool lining approximately every 8-10 years.

4) Fiberglass Pools – Installation cost of a fiberglass pool is higher than other inground pool types but the maintenance cost is low. These pools are created in a factory and then assembled in your home.

5) Concrete pools – Concrete pools are durable, but difficult and costly to build. They can be built for any shape and painted as per your liking.

6) Gunite Pools – popularity of Gunite pools are increasing over concrete pools. Gunite pools and concrete pools typically take about 12 weeks to build, but the durability and strength of these structures are usually worth the wait.


Categories: Blog | Posted on Apr - 19 - 2014