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Basic Pool Cleaning Tips, from your Dallas pool builder, Artesian Custom Pools


It is necessary to clean and maintain your pool on a regular basis. Routine maintenance on your pool requires minimal effort if it is done regularly.

The steps to cleaning a pool include the following:

1. Skim the surface of the pool water with a net attached to a tele-pole.

2. Brush the pool walls to move any dirt and debris toward the main drain.

3. Empty the skimmer baskets.

4. Empty the cleaner catch bag.

5. Vacuum the pool

  • Turn on the equipment.
  • Connect the vacuum head and hose to the tele-pole.
  • Once the hose is activated, vacuum the floor of the pool slowly.

6. Empty the pump basket (turn off the equipment).

  • To clean the pump basket correctly, please refer to the product manufacturer’s guidelines.

7. Check the filter gauge

  • Clean the filter if the gauge is 10 pounds above normal.
  • To clean the filter correctly, please refer to the product manufacturer’s detailed guidelines.

8. Check the chemicals

  • Using a test-kit, check the chlorine, ph, alkalinity, calcium levels and salt content (if you have a salt generator).

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Categories: Pool Maintenance Tips | Posted on Apr - 27 - 2015