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7 Steps to build concrete pool

Concrete pools are some of the highest quality pools. They are durable and offer years of use before any kind of maintenance and repair. Below you will find 7 steps normally used to build a concrete pool.

1) Excavate the area where you want to build the swimming pool.
2) Use PVC pipe with strong bonding material for plumbing purposes. Hire a plumber for drainage system implementation and build necessary structure to ensure clean water flow throughout the pool.
3) Build a steel frame and install it into the outline of swimming pool. It provides stability for the concrete when the pool is filled with water. Also cover the bottom and sides of pool with steel rebar.
4) Use a power sprayer and spray gunite on the steel rebar. It will build actual pool basin.
5) Choose tile, marble or paint to design the interior walls of the pool.
6) Install border at pool’s edge. This is also known as coping. It gives the pool a decorative look.
7) Fill the swimming pool with water, use it and enjoy.


Categories: Blog | Posted on Apr - 23 - 2014